Procurement Management 

Online vendor portal with organized supplier information. Ability to check out competitive vendors quickly. Create Purchase orders, Quote requests and view related reports in one place


      procurement management

      Our integrated web portal makes your online purchases easy by combining a vendor portal and an e-procurement software. The portal stores supplier-related data in an organized manner that is easily accessible for the buyers. This facilitates quick interaction and communication with the supplier. 

      Using our E-procurement software, you can obtain spares at their best quality. You can store information on competitive vendors and access the information anytime. It can track the parts information for which quote is raised, ordered, purchased and billings can be handled from one place with accurate digital data. 

      E-procurement application makes it easy to create purchase requests from the web portal, maintain a list of Purchase Requests, view reports on Procurement Management.

      Additional Features

      Asset Life Cycle Management

      Asset Tracking with BLE/RFID/QR Code

      Interactive Asset
      Floor Plan
      IoT Energy
      Fixed Asset

      Organization Visibility

      Overall performance bench marking with KPI of assets, personnel, processes & maintenance management

      Improved Maintenance Planning

      Using Schedule calendar can reduce idle time and overtime with balanced & efficient PM work schedules

      Measure Performance

      Monitor KPI, including workforce productivity, PM compliance, downtime, overdue tickets & SLA violations

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