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Streamline the entire visitor journey reducing significant waiting time at lounges, receptions, etc improving traceability in a touchless operation using QR codes.

Our occupancy management software provides you with real-time alerts upon overcrowding for best staff deployment and optimizing shifts.

InnoMaint provides Network Feed with social engagement options and a secure internal forum for unifying varied knowledge into better performance and service in the field with confidence.

Provide RSS Feeds to technicians' mobile based on browsing history and your industry so that they don’t miss out on any recent innovation.

Automate temperature screening, in bulk, at multiple entries to a facility to avoid people queuing up in an AI-based touchless operation with more than 99% accuracy.

Automate purchase order generation, and procure the best products at the best prices on time with our integrated web portal containing organized supplier information and reports.

Gain visibility to energy consumption patterns dynamically to maximize electric power savings by pinpointing areas of heavy consumption and turning them off automatically.

Trace, Track & Manage moving assets in real-time with BLE Beacon. Just mount BLE Beacons/RFID sensors on the assets. These sensors can report entry and exit within a short range of readers for live tracking of assets.

Measure asset productivity levels in all perspectives as per the world-class OEE standard. Have the quantifiable data to uncover the reasons for deviation in performance and run production cycles with confidence.

A pictorial representation of asset hierarchy in each floor with dynamic schedule triggering. Enable technicians to quickly find the assets in a complex set-up. Trigger schedules for multiple assets from a single site map.

Ensure the primary assets are at their current location along with identity verification. Verify serial number, make, model, manufacturer, good operating condition, placement of assets using QR codes, RFID and assess their current value.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diners Club credit and debit cards. Payment via PayPal is accepted for customers located outside the United States.
How secure is Innomaint?

We use multi-factor authentication, IP protection, 256 bit SSL encryption, intrusion detection, minimum password strength algorithms, CAPTCHA protection on failed login for DOS threats, multi-server/geography daily back-ups and much more. We take security very seriously. You can find out more information on this in the service terms & conditions document, at the time of subscription.

Do you have any cost for additional setup or hardware?

Absolutely not. The price you see is the price you pay. There are no additional setup or hardware fees associated with your plan.

Can I use my domain name in the application?

Yes! You can use your domain name with innomaint. We will provide a custom subdomain of innomaint application for enterprise (On-premise) customers.

What level of support accompanies my subscription plan?

We offer several advisory, adoption, and support plans to our customers.

All plans receive free product upgrades, in-application video tutorials, and access to our help center. Email and phone support are available for all subscription plans during regular business hours. All customers are welcome to approach our Customer Success Team. Our Customer Success representative will help you use InnoMaint to its fullest potential to derive maximum benefit from it. They will also guide you on measuring KPI metrics while you formulate your maintenance strategy.

What does the renewal process look like?

Paid subscriptions automatically renew for the same subscription period unless you downgrade your plan before your renewal date.

How does the Basic plan differ from the Enterprise plan?

Basic plan offers limited team members, Single-Sign-On capabilities, priority support and training, enhanced security, and more. Kindly schedule a demo to know about the Enterprise plan.

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