Maintenance Management

The contract data, including AMCs, resides on premium servers with safe & quick access for expansion of scope of the contract and financial security . Renew AMCs with or without changes in a few clicks!

InnoMaint application is highly flexible when it comes to AMC Management that it provides provision for Credit / Debit adjustments during renewals. Exclusive reports for AMC Management reveal the list of AMC’s for which the contract period has elapsed and been renewed.
You can bring all hard and soft services under the jurisdiction of AMC, customize the quotations for a personal touch, calculate taxes, bill customers, track payments etc. It becomes easy to canvass the customers for expansion of AMC services with instantly retrievable data.

Provide Safety Instructions

Speed up Claims

Purchase Lesser

Define safety checklists in detail accompanied by multimedia illustrations to boost employee morale. Warranty management module ensures you do not over purchase spares unnecessarily. Enforce contracts for employees, contractors, customers if you wish, to go ahead with transactions.

Additional Features

Asset Life Cycle Management

Asset Tracking with BLE/RFID/QR Code

Interactive Asset
Floor Plan
IoT Energy
Fixed Asset

Organization Visibility

Overall performance bench marking with KPI of assets, personnel, processes & maintenance management

Improved Maintenance Planning

Using Schedule calendar can reduce idle time and overtime with balanced & efficient PM work schedules

Measure Performance

Monitor KPI, including workforce productivity, PM compliance, downtime, overdue tickets & SLA violations

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