Auto Assign

Saves the time spent on assignment of Work order. The service request will be assigned to all the members in a pre-defined in  group. Track current location of technician through entire journey.

Auto assign work order

In addition to mapping assets with location & customer, SuperAdmin can now map users such as Service Technician, Account Executive, Project Coordinator to asset instances.

Whenever a breakdown ticket is raised for the asset instance the users are auto assigned for the ticket based on the asset mapping done from this screen thereby saving time for assignment of ticket. 

Account Executive will be able to attend Breakdown tickets from mobile application. You can create categories and group the team members into categories according to their skill set with a head for each group for easier and quicker assignment of tickets. 

Henceforth any ticket created shall be associated with categories & upon creation the ticket shall go to the respective head in the group & he can assign the tickets to any  member of the group.

If the auto assign option is enabled, then the ticket will be assigned to all the members in the group, at once. When one of the group member takes up the ticket it becomes disabled for the rest. 

Facility Manager as well as Customer can track the current location of service technician(preventive and breakdown) conveniently from the ‘Location’ icon at the top right of the page towards the left of Notification icon

The service engineer shall receive.

i) The reminder notification for auto assigned tickets.
ii) A copy of escalation notifications to higher authorities (for SLA violations of tickets assigned to him).

Service Engineer receives the emails for Reminder/Escalation schedules.

As a prerequisite for receiving the emails, the service engineer should have the concerned setting enabled in his session.

Additional Features

Asset Life Cycle Management

Asset Tracking with BLE/RFID/QR Code

Interactive Asset
Floor Plan
IoT Energy
Fixed Asset

Organization Visibility

Overall performance bench marking with KPI of assets, personnel, processes & maintenance management

Improved Maintenance Planning

Using Schedule calendar can reduce idle time and overtime with balanced & efficient PM work schedules

Measure Performance

Monitor KPI, including workforce productivity, PM compliance, downtime, overdue tickets & SLA violations

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